On The Edge

I can’t speak for anyone else.  I know there are skiers, snowmobilers, “mushers”, snow-men fanatics, the fans of cross-country skiing ALL who thrive on the snow and cold.  I used to be one of those people (except as a parent, when I dreaded “snow-days”!), and I suppose if I was feeling better, I would still enjoy making a snow-angel or two after I’ve run the snow-blower down the driveway and the sidewalks.  During the years I owned the garage, we ran three trucks with plows.  I used to PRAY for massive snow.  I’ve run snow-mobiles both in competition and for pleasure all around the mid-west.  The snow-filled winters were greatly anticipated, and we’d often drive hundreds of miles to get to where there was acceptable snow to run the sleds!  I’ve run the semi-trucks in unimaginable blizzards.  This was in the days when they didn’t “shut down” the roads.  Instead, the authorities left the decision to run, up to the drivers.   Now?  I’ve had enough and I’m ready for summer.
Since being “grounded” last February with my shoulder injury, I have gone “stir crazy”.  On days when it was jut too darn nasty out, I’ve paced the floors here at home.  I’ve walked from room to room, straightening a picture, dusting the t.v. running the vacuum.  After awhile, I revert to my painting, or, when my arm allows it, work on a piece or two for the oak rocking horses I build (which were a GREAT success this year, by the way).
I’ve come to cherish the days that are more palatable.  You know the kind?  Days when you don’t have to don your artic-thermal-underwear, struggle with your insulated boots, and seek out those gloves that make you feel as if you’re an astronaut on a mission…  Days like that (the nice ones!), I throw on a light jacket, and stroll around the back yard with Skip.  Fortunately, we have been blessed with more “nice” ones and few inclimate ones.  I’ve been examining the various dedicated spots in my yard.  “Last year, I had tomatoes there…” I remember.  “…the peppers didn’t do so well over here…”.  But the flowers!  The flowers!  I am anxious to start sticking flowers in the ground!
This piece, aptly named “On The Edge” was completed just as winter was arriving, in order that it be completed in time for my 2012 Floral Calendar.  It wasn’t until the other day that I realized I was still holding it. Can’t wait to get the seeds in the ground!
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