Feeling The Light

George Harrison sang:

“…I look at you all…  See the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
Look at you all…
Still my guitar gently weeps…”

It has always been my philosophy that ANY kind of art, is simply the artists “translation” of what he’s seen or experienced, or what he/she wants to communicate. How often have we stood in a gallery or observed a work, listened to a song, and while we may be enthralled with the piece, the person next to you says, “What what that guy thinking?” The “creation” of any particular piece is not about WHAT we see or experience, but how we interpret the moment. Creation of art, is about the skills of observation, and then communicating the “emotion” of the moment to something that is tangible. Be it a carving, sculpture, painting, poem or song… It’s about feeling something different in the ordinary every day setting…

Photographers capture 1/1000th of a second (or whatever the chosen shutter speed may be!) in life and, it is what it is. In complete silence, the observers mind is allowed to “wander”. I won’t get into the debate as to whether or not “photography” is an “art”. I will say that when the artist takes the moment in time, bends it, twists it, manipulates it and applies his/her own understanding of that instant, it’s no longer a simple photograph. I have tried with recent portraits, to apply a passionate eye to the subject at hand. “Pondering” is a good example of my quest. THESE two pieces are different….

My art instructor MANY years ago told me something that stuck with me. Mrs. Robinson said, “Feel the light…” Another internal struggle! “How do you “feel” light? I can feel that rock, I can feel the texture of this piece of cloth. I can feel the clover between my toes. But “feel” light?” In previous works, I’ve experimented with lighting effects. Mainly with floral pieces. I’ve attempted to communicate the change “light” has on the emotion of the piece… Stay with me, I WILL pull this together!

There came to me, TWO photographs that caught my eye. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something with them. I just didn’t know what… Abstract? Dab? Etch? Completely modify? The next dilemma, getting permission IF the piece evolved, where the subject was identifiable. I know how weird it may seem when a stranger comes along and asks, “May I paint you?” Fortunately, in this case, with a few letters back and forth, she accepted my request. So, I started to work on the first photograph. Work progressed and I was mildly satisfied with the piece as it evolved…

And then, and THEN, halfway through the project, I learned not only is she photogenic, she was also a singer. Right in the middle of my project, I learned this…. Not having seen her in person, I had to rely on videos that were available. I viewed each one repeatedly. “What is it” I asked myself. “It’s not her voice, it’s not the song… What is it? SOMETHING is touching me…” My “inspiration” changed. Wad it up, throw it away and start over…

I don’t claim to be an expert, but… The one thing, the MAIN thing that “touched” me, was the passion and pleasure she portrayed as she sang in the videos. “She gets it!” I thought… “She FEELS” the song… She emits a certain, brilliant light… Good grief! Mrs. Robinson was right! You CAN feel light!” I sensed it in her eyes, her body language, her smile, her interpretation of the songs she chose….

I realize, in these two works, none of those things are apparent. Her eyes, which as she sang, were truly the “window to her soul” are hidden by the sunglasses. Her body language is frozen in time, on the canvas. So in my portraits, you can’t “see” her physical absorption of the songs… Nevertheless, I concentrated on the concept that she too, “feels” the light….  A deep depth of gratitude to her, for allowing me to twist and turn things, while attempting to allow others to “feel the light”….


These pieces are being displayed on large canvas, BUT can be ordered to fit your particular taste…  Matte Canvas, Poster Board or just plain posters….

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