Pink Flowers

Even when I lived in apartments, I enjoyed having some sort of “flower garden”.  Just had to remember to keep ’em watered!  And yes, I even had a few planters on the rtiny little deck for my favorite veggies.  But, because flowers bloom at different times of year, I learned that designing any sort of flower garden took a little effort and forethought.

Now-a-days (as my grandmother used to say), there’s an even easier way out, called “flower garden in a box”.  They plan it for you. This is where the entire garden is prepackaged with separate packets of each kind of flower. Follow the layout in the instructions, and in no time, you have professional looking results!

For some reason though, I always liked pinkish flowers. A pink flower can signify grace, gentility, joy and happiness. Lighter shades of pink are usually associated with lighter emotions and traits of youth or innocence. The darker shades represent deeper feeling of love and gratitude.

I know we are in the peak of winter, AND Christmas is only a few days behind us, but it’s not too early to start thinking about what you’re going to stick in the dirt this spring,  I have already begun saving egg cartons, in order to start a few things from seed.


Although available in a variety of sizes and formats, I am showing this painting in the size 24 x 20 on  Archival Heavyweight Paper (matte finish).  It’s also available on blank greeting cards and post cards

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