“How I Spent My Christmas Vacation…”

I figure my shoulder injury has been a blessing AND a curse.  Of course, financially it has been a nightmare, adjusting my budget from a full-fledged working-mans income to the pittance the workman’s comp people have allowed.  But I HAVE managed to find plenty of things to keep me occupied…

On the other hand, when I am finally healed and working again, I KNOW I will ask myself to account for the time I’ve had at home.  One thought lead to another, and I recalled an assignment we were give, in elementary school, to write a paper about the time we were away from school.  “How I Spent My Christmas Vacation” or something to that effect…

Several days ago, with permission from the subject, I cranked up the stereo and began working on this piece. Before I knew it, as it neared completion, I realized I’d gone through three or four pots of coffee, missed my pain/nerve/heart medication schedule and the sun was rising!  My first thought was, “Another holiday behind me….”  I hadn’t set out to become engulfed with the work to the point of not eating or sleeping.  But with each stroke, my excitement grew. The woman and the songs that played, ingrained in me…

With this completed,  at least I can account for some of my time at home! 
This print is being displayed on 32 x 48 Premium Canvas Matte.  You can change the size and material that you wish to have it printed.  AND there’s a new feature on my site, just below the print, which allows you to see the print in a variety of settings, before you order it!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone.  I hope YOUR time was productive!
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