The Morning Ride

“Morning Stretch”

I have been VERY fortunate in my life, to have had the ability and opportunity to pursue the things that really called out to me.  You may call them “hobbies”.  I call them “obsessions”.    Stock Car racing, flying small airplanes, scuba diving, drag racing, hunting…  And during one era, horses.  I never owned as many animals as some acquaintances of mine who are in the business of buying, selling, raising and training horses.  But I’ve had a few of my own. Mine weren’t really honed in on any particular discipline:  jumping, grand prix, cutting cows, Dressage or competitively seeking 1st place at the local shows.   I much more leaned towards the relaxed, camping, meandering Trail-Riding types of horses over what always appeared to me to the more “formal” English style of riding.  Besides, some of them I bought deserved a break from the rigors of competition.   HOWEVER, I learned that all riding horses (and riders!) can benefit from dressage principles of riding and training.  And so we did a little of that style of training, with most of my horses.  None the less, the mere thought of hooking up with ANY of these animals, and ANY style of riding, has always been an exhilarating experience for me.  Just the smell of a horse can get my heart pumping!

I have fond memories of riding in the cooler morning hours.  Chilly enough to require a jacket.  But as the day begins to warm and the birds begin to sing, the jacket is shed.  Horse and rider share a bond and become one functioning unit.  I give you, “Morning Stretch”!

By clicking on the image, you’ll be taken to a 24 x 36 display of the print, in the “Matte Canvas” format.  Below THAT image, you can view the print on various “home” settings to decide of it fits in with your decor!  You may also change the size and material you prefer, for your print.

Morning Stretch card

There are of course, blank greeting cards/post cards available as well. 

Thank you for visiting and sharing my ramblings!  Merry Christmas World!

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