Good Neighbors

I know it is winter. I know another set of holidays is fast approaching.  I know the stores couldn’t stash away the Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations in the storeroom fast enough in order to get the Christmas goodies up for sale.  Heck some stores had ALL THREE of their holiday products on display!.  To quote one of my favorite television shows, “Good grief, Charlie Brown!”

   I know most of my designer/artistic friends are churning out holiday-related material.  “Why then…” you may ask, “Aren’t you doing the same?”  Well awhile ago, I DID write about many of the various holiday stamps that are available.  And I DID encourage everyone to personalize AND increase their holiday mailings!  AND I AM doing my part to support the Post Office and promote good will amongst folks!


At the same time… I’m already looking forward to Spring.  And my neighbor Toms’ flower blooms!  Like many, I get weary of winter.  I DON’T become exhausted or impatient with the flowers of spring and summer as I do with the snow in my yard!  I  saved promoting this painting for one of those days when I knew I’d be suffering from the “winter/holiday I wish it was summer already…” blues.  

Post Script:  I wanted to share something, written by a third-party about this piece:

“Promoted in the Floral shop category on this website, this marvelous custom floral print design was created by a very skilled artist, Dennis Buckman. Known as the “Good Neighbors” painting, this reproduction represents only a fraction of the many brilliant designs available from him.  Browse through his “gallery” and you will  surely find the ideal custom print design in no time.

Professionally created using  highly advanced printing technique, this custom print looks impressive sporting the artists’  “Good Neighbors”  illustration. Regardless of where you place it, this print will look great and will certainly make this artist’s creation a delightful addition to anyone’s room decor!”

THAT makes me proud…


I’m showing this on 40 x 58 matte, premium canvas.  I understand not everyone can afford to order it that way…  You can of course, order the print in a variety of sizes and have it printed on a variety of material!

If I don’t see you beforehand, or if I haven ‘t mailed you a card,  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Now, let’s get on with summer!

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