Discarded Things

THIS is sort of how I felt as I worked on this piece.  I start things, become disgruntled, “wad” them up, play basketball with my trash can, and start over again…  It’s not my best.  It’s not my worst.  BUT, I decided to express my foiled attempts in this piece.  If you “Google” the word ‘discarded’, you’ll run across the link I’ve included below…   As this neared completion,  I wanted to express, “It’s worth SOMETHING to someone!”  Thank you for visiting and enjoy the tour…

(a video of someone who thinks as I do!)

I LOVE sunrises and sunsets, and the inspiration they bring with them. I have been fortunate in my travels to witness the dawn of a new day, and peaceful endings in every state in the U.S. as well as a few foreign countries.  The problem has been, and still is, communicating the emotions that results from these experiences…  I’d discarded MANY attempts to get this to paper, only to trash the project and start over…


The link for this print is displaying it in a 24 x 36 format on Archival Heavyweight Paper.  On my site, you can NOW see the print on a living room wall, to allow you to play with the size you prefer, as well as the material it gets printed on.  It’s also available on two different sized blank greeting cards…  Thank you again, for the freedom to express…

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