Qualities of The Wolf and I

“The West is where I belong, the Wolves and I.  And my old friends now dead. May we meet again on the other side…”

Blue Horse A Lakota warrior.

During my youth in Louisville, I did not follow the crowd. I don’t follow the crowd today. While my peers hung pictures and posters of the popular bands and musical artists in their rooms, my bedroom was decorated with photographs and articles having to do with wildlife. Primarily Wolves. If anyone had ever asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I think my answer would have been, “A Wolf”. Part of the attraction to the Wolf was that they exhibited traits and qualities that I desperately wanted to incorporate into my own life. Their nature still serves as a guide I urge myself to live by.

The reality  is that the Wolf is a social animal.  Sadly, Mankind has nearly destroyed him.   Intelligent and friendly the Wolf is one of the most faithful animals in the world. Although they have the strength and knowledge to stand alone, they shows us the importance of family and friends.

The Wolf pack learns to work together and respect one anothers position in the pack. The packs leader uses his discipline to keep order in the group, yet he also shows great love and affection for all members. The “Wolf qualities” in my own personality leads me to spend a great deal of time alone, yet I cannot deny the need, the desire of companionship and togetherness. I truly believe that in my own life, these qualities have also lead to some of my failures in relationships with other people.

The Wolf brings learning with him; he tells us that sometimes we must cross barriers in our lives; take risks and to even sometimes go beyond what is considered “normal” behavior in order that we may learn and grow. These barriers may be difficult and painful to cross at times but knowledge is gained through experience; and strength is gained through battles. In essence that describes my own existence.

By clicking on the print, you will be taken to a 24 x 36 canvas print.  You may of course, change the size and the format you prefer.  I have also made available, “Qualities of the Wolf” on greeting cards and post cards.  The approval for USPS First Class Postage, is pending.

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