Leather Reflections Santa Clarita, California

I realize, this writing isn’t “seasonal”.  And the art is one of my older pieces.  Except for supervised “exercises” I’m under strict orders to NOT use my right “appendage”.  According to the therapist, this edict includes everything from the wrist to the shoulder.  Rats.  I admit, I’ve cheated a time or two, in order to get dressed or cook a meal,  For the most part, I’ve been a good patient.  It DOES take a heck of a lot longer to accomplish certain tasks,  but where do I have to go?

Wanted to let everyone know, the folks running the art distribution are having a BIG holiday sale.  There is up to a 60% discount on the wrapped canvas pieces.  There are also considerable discounts on nearly every other product;  cards, invitations, posters, etc.  Might be worthwhile to swing by and take advantage of the savings! Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving…  Meanwhile, here’s “Leather Reflection”

“Following a light, seasonal rain, I strolled the sidewalk of this California town. The headlights, tail lights and street lights are reflected in a friends patent leather jacket.. Inspired by the way, in Santa Clarita, California.”

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