The Holiday Rush

I didn’t know if there would be time to create anything for the upcoming holidays.  THAT is why in a previous writing, I chose to share the art work and holiday designs of others.   

Holiday Berries card

Taking time to reflect on holidays gone by, and then “putting to paper” a snap-shot from my memories didn’t take as long as I expected!  Even with my right arm strapped to my side!

Holiday Berries mug

As you know, I am a firm believer in keeping in touch with people, even if it’s a simple post card. Until you’ve been completely alone during the season of festivities, you do not realize how a simple post card can brighten someones day.  Yep, I continue to promote the hand written notes…

Holiday Berries postcard

I’m glad to have been able to concentrate on at least one piece, and have it available for this holiday season. I put this piece on a mug, in memory of the “special” tableware my Grandmother reserved only for the holidays.  It’s my hope, whoever invests in these mugs, will share in holiday memories for years to come!

Holiday Stamps stamp

Though I am waiting for approval for the USPS stamp, featuring this “Holiday Berries”, they HAVE  allowed me to go forward with this one…

Everyone have a GREAT Thanksgiving….  I’ll be dictating again soon!

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