Promoting Holiday Communication & Being Nice To Each Other

When it comes to my own art work, I’ve done a VERY poor job of planning.  After all, here we are in mid-November and I’m still painting lilacs, roses and daisies!  I think some of it comes from living alone.  Well, BESIDES Skip!  No one reminded me as Valentines Day came and went.  I completely neglected Memorial Day.  Forgot the 4th of July.  If it weren’t for  few hundred Facebook friends, I’d have missed my birthday!.  I would have forgotten about Thanksgiving except my neighbor asked the other day, “What are you doing for the holiday?”

In hindsight, what I should have been doing this summer (besides running back and forth to doctors and such), was I should have been working and creating for the winter months.  Several of my clients and friends have asked, if I had any designs planned for the Christmas season.  I DID have a couple in the works, but with the right-arm handicap, I know they won’t be done.

As you know, I am a huge advocate of the personal, hand-written letter.  And, even though they’re loosing money every day that passes, I’m a big fan of the US Mail.  I DO promote keeping in touch with one another!

Sooooo…  For my “fans” who are otherwise occupied with their jobs, their families, cooking supper and the normal hustle and bustle of life – I’ve done some holiday “shopping” for you!  I’ve chosen vintage designs, modern designs, whimsical designs.   There are horses, snowflakes, cats, deer, barns, bears, trees, lakes, lights, stars.  There are old Santas, new Santas, candy canes and misletoe.  There are even a couple of Mickey Mouse holiday stamps from Disney! My choices are in no particular order, so you’ll have to scroll through them.   I HOPE out of the 50 or so Holiday Postage Stamps I found, there are one or two that you like!   As in the past, all you have to do, is “click” on your favorite and you’ll be taken directly to that particular stamp.  Christmas Reindeer Postage stamp

Father Christmas, Victorian Christmas card stamp
Christmas Presents stamp
The Entertainer stamp
Snowman heart snowball stamp
Green peaceful postage stamp
Season's Greetings Christmas Tree Postage stamp
Sweet As Candy Postage Stamp stamp
Santa Ho Ho Ho Postage Stamp stamp
Let It Snow Holiday Postage stamp
Happy Holidays Postage Stamps stamp
Christmas Reindeer stamp
Christmas Tree Abstract stamp
christmas stamp stamp
White Christmas stamp
Old World Santa 2 stamp
Holly Lady stamp
Pair of Cardinals stamp
Holiday stamp
2012 candy stamp
Lollipop candy stamp
Penguins Christmas Stamp stamp
Polar Bear Love Stamp stamp
Otter Holiday Stamp stamp
Penguin Stamps stamp
Mistletoe Pup stamp
Rockin Red Nose Reindeer postage stamp
Our First Christmas Postage Stamp stamp
Starry Night Elegant Christmas Season's Greetings stamp
Minnie and Mickey Happy Holidays stamp
Vintage Horses Christmas Postage Stamps stamp
Horse Christmas Stamp stamp
Temporary Shelter stamp
Merry Christmas ! stamp
kitten in winter stamp
Bengal & Bobtail Kittens Christmas Wishes stamp
Mickey Mouse dressed as Santa stamp
Seasons Greetings stamp
Santa_Gourd stamp
Christmas Blizzard stamp
Holiday Spirit stamp
Holiday Trees stamp
Santa on his way stamp
Santa Claus and children stamp
Vintage Russian Father Christmas scene stamp
Season's greetings #2 stamp
Ornament Christmas Holiday Tree stamp
Silent Night Christmas Postage Stamp stamp
2010 Christmas Ornament Purple Postage Stamps stamp
Vintage Santa Christmas Postage stamp
Holiday Stamps stamp


 And so there you have it my friends!  Make it  a point this year, to blow the dust off of that address book.  Drop a note to that long-lost-cousin, the air-conditioner repair man, a former teacher or classmate, the folks at your local grocery, your insurance agent, your childs teacher and yes, perhaps even that new friend you met on Facebook!  Isn’t is exciting, just how many people you have the ability to provide a smile to, today?   Have fun and pass along a hearty “Hello” to your friends and family, from Skip and I!!

PS  If you message me your address, I GUARANTEE you’ll receive a holiday note from Skip and I!!!

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2 Responses to Promoting Holiday Communication & Being Nice To Each Other

  1. annie says:

    Beautiful selections! These are wonderful … love the variety.


  2. Awesome writing style!


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