2012 Bridge Collection

My “discovery” of the Dragon Dictation Application has REALLY allowed me to begin catching up during this medical sabbatical….  Thank you, modern technology.

Before my shoulder surgery I had a few things left to tweak on the bridge
collection for my 2nd 2012 Calendar.  The first calendar I completed was from my floral designs.  I am proud to say that I’ve received many favorable compliments for that collection of work.  AND folks have been investing in it!  It IS a nice calendar…  Prior to surgery, I kept telling myself, “Finish the calendars…  Finish the calendars…” Since I’ve been out of the hospital, most of the adjustments to “Bridges” I found, could be accomplished left-handed or the aid of the dictation software!  With nothing but time available to me now, my right arm bound to my side AND my head still a bit fuzzy with medication, I present to you, a collection of my previous art from the series called “Bridges”.

(click on the photo in order to see ALL of the art which has been included for 2012)

One of the things I am dissatisfied with, is due to space restrictions  in the calendar,  I couldn’t include the narrations I had written for each piece. One choice was edit, crop and  decrease the size of the painting, thus taking away from the ultimate goal I wanted to reach with the art.  THAT seemed to me, like omitting a paragraph or two from a good novel.  The other choice was that I leave the painting in its original state, and omit the story that went with it.  I choose the latter. After all,  Art is all about the imagination.  I invite you to incorporate yours!

If all else fails, I can only suggest that you return to the website under the category called “Bridges”  (or click on the link!) if you’re interested in MY philosophy that accompanies each piece I’ve completed. For example; “The Mississippi River Bridge” simply serves as my personal reminder of several mistakes that I’ve made repeatedly in my life. In hindsight, I know, in life,  I’ve made the same mistake more than once.  That thought went through my mind as I twisted and turned the roadway, as well as the turbulent water beneath.  With “Sunlit Bridge” I shared what was on my mind, with regard to our ability to leave things in the past, anticipate our future and the internal fortitude required to do so.  How many of us allow the past to effect our future?

It is my hope that you enjoy the collection that I put together, AND the philosophy that accompanies it.  I appreciate everyones support in the past year and am looking forward to a better 2012.  Thank you ALL for serving as my “Bridge” to help me through 2011!

P.S.  On the last page of the calendar, is my overall philosophy of “Bridges”.

Enjoy the new calendar!

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