Outside Philadelphia

So far, the schedule is as follows;  Heart doctor appointment October 18th.  If HE says things are good, then I see family doctor guy,  for an exam on the 21st.  HE is supposed to do a bunch of lab tests etc. etc.  If HE says everything is okay, then I get to see the shoulder doctor in the hospital on the 28th.  I hope I also wake up and see her again on the 29th!  This would be a good thing!  I’ll keep ya’ posted!

Outside Philadelphia print
Outside Philadelphia by dbuckman

Without faith, humans may never accept the necessity to please or care for anyone but themselves. Therefore, they become selfish and easily consumed in their own existence. They lose their way. As a result, on the road of life, they fall into, fissures… The deep, broken cracks on life’s highway.

Without hope, a person may not be able to face the tribulations of life. He may see no farther than his immediate problems. With hope, there is a light, leading to the future, across the obstacles where all things come true, through Divine Justice and immeasurable Mercy.

Without thankfulness, acknowledgement, and gratefulness, a person cannot respect, venerate, nor thank the Master of the universe for the fundamental intent of his existence. Nor be appreciative of the unwavering passage in life, available, due to the existence of the Master.

Without love, man may conceive his responsibilities too burdensome and compare them to carrying a massive boulder. Halfway across the bridge, he may abandon his obligations because his faith, what should be the strongest motivator available in this universe does not drive him…

Thank you for stopping in for the “read”.  For awhile, I was in and out of Philadelphia on a weekly basis.  This bridge was on my route as I headed back to the West.  The piece is available in several different formats.  Stop by the gallery for a visit!

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