Bridgeman Art Culture History Gallery

Bridgeman Art Culture History


Other than Skips trial which is FINALLY behind us (see “Skip and I May Go To Jail”), I have not been so excited to be involved in anything for a very long time.  Until now.  I would like to introduce you to the “Bridgeman Art Culture History” website.

 Often when I get enthused over something, I do a little research and dive right in (see some of my floral work!) and the excitement eventually subsides.  With regard to my involvement with “Bridgeman Art Culture History”, I am proud to say I plan in dedicating A LOT of space to them.

 Since being introduced, I have spent literally hours, at the gallery’s new site.  Apparently the folks at Bridgemans have entered in agreement with the same people who host my own art-work, and have made the Bridgeman Collection available to the general public.  MY only regret is that I need more wall space here at home for all of my new discoveries!

 The Bridgeman motto is, “Bring art from the worlds most famous museums home.”  They truly mean it!  The Bridgeman Art Library, based in Berlin, London, Paris and New York, provides one of the WORLDS largest archives for art reproductions.

Crown Fritillary, from 'La Guirlande de Julie' print

For example:  This piece “Crown Fritillary” from La Guirlande de Julie, matted AND framed, comes in under $150.00 for the art enthusiast!!!  YOU can choose the frame AND the matting without some snobby “artsy” person hovering over your shoulder saying, “THIS is what you need.”  If you are redecorating, choosing new art for your home, or considering a favorite piece as a gift, THIS is the site to browse through.

Bridgeman Art,  founded in 1972 by Harriet Bridgeman cooperates with galleries and museums throughout the world.  Collections from places such as the “British Library”, “The Barnes Foundation” and the “National Gallery Of Scotland” are represented by the Bridgeman Art Library.

Whether you’re decorating your home, office, or dorm, there are prints to make your space feel special. All of the custom prints come in many sizes and are done in brilliant, highly-saturated colors, so it’s only right that you add custom framing and matting! All orders are produced within 24 hours and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so get your custom prints now! More on Bridgeman Art Culture History, later…  I will be posting some my own favorites here!

Meanwhile, to get to the Bridgeman Art Culture History site, simply “click” on any of the favorites I’ve posted here!


Now available,  18mm heavyweight matte canvas and stretched onto 100% wood frames, the wrapped canvas print will have an artistic texture, finish and feel that is unmatched by any other printing process. We are offering 3 different widths, 7 standard sizes, and custom sizing options to showcase your best designs.  Stop in now, for a visit!


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