Mountain Clouds

Although I HAVE been creating a few new pieces, I am also digging through the archives of previous artwork and writing.  I am saving a lot of the NEW material for after my surgery, now scheduled for October 28th…  Meanwhile, enjoy.


We should recognize that “nature” is the total of the earth, on which we reside. A world where the city and the country are closely connected to one another. Modern man seems to have a narrow-minded opinion of what nature is; Snow covered mountains, wild animals, expansive forests, raging rivers, and vast deserts with no horizon. I met a man from a large city, many years ago that said, “I hate coming out here. There is nothing to see…” How can anyone feel as connected to nature as a rancher or farmer, when they are enveloped by neon lights, glass, steel, asphalt and concrete their entire life? Is it even possible to feel close to the “natural world” when living in city surroundings?

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