There’s nothing like rubbing a little salt in the wound!  Skips trial has come and gone.  She has been relegated to the front yard via a 20 ft. long leash kind of thing.  AND she pouts about it when she hears it “click” on her collar.  Sorry Skip, but we have to be always alert for “the man”.  She can no longer reach the sidewalk…   One of her favorite places to lay in the sun.

 The other day, while in the garage, the mail-man came walking into the shop.  “Got a certified letter for you…”  “Hey, you want a Gatorade while you’re here?” I asked.  “Yeah, I could use a cold drink!”  So I ran upstairs and grabbed a couple out of the fridge.  I don’t know how long he’s been delivering my mail, but it’s been a long time.  I used to leave things for him in the mail box as I left in the morning, but now that I’m around the house every day I keep an eye out for him and deliver the snacks in person.  Anyway… I get these two notices in the mail.  NOT regular mail, but the registered, certified, you have to sign for it kind of mail! It was good to visit with the mail-man again.


Can you even believe it?  I guess if Skip gets any more tickets, they’ll come pry her out of my arms and put her in Foster Care, or maybe Boys Town?  I wonder if being forbidden to reside with “any animal” includes the squirrel family that has taken up residence in my cottonwood tree?  Or the group of Cardinals living in the pine tree out back?  I laughed.  They’d probably put a sign in my yard, “Convicted Of Chapter 6;  All rabbits keep out!”  Make the perimeter of my property a “no fly zone” for all of the birds? 

PLUS if I understand this second letter, IF we get another loose dog ticket, “we” have to not only (in the words of the judge during my first hearing) face the possibility of 6 months in jail, and/or a $5,000.00 fine again, but also pay an additional $100.00 for the guy to drive over here (I assume that’s what they mean by “enforcement activities”).  I mean I know gasoline is over $3.50 a gallon, and it’s probably three or four miles from my house to the animal jail, but for crying out loud…

Soooo…  All of you animal owners living in Omaha, beware!  If you’re charged and convicted of the Chapter 6 Ordinance, you will have fewer rights than the guys on the streets who are shooting and killing each other on a nightly basis.  You will be monitored more closely than the guy convicted of three or four DUI’s.  Your dog will have to wear an ankle bracelet, YOU will ber under the scrutiny of Big Brother,   And you will not be allowed to own even a hamster  for four years!  Go figure…

Stop By The Gallery For A Visit Sometime!

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