Sharing Other Work – The Dileama


I have been so occupied preparing for my shoulder surgery that I have dedicated very little time to my own art work.  I DID complete one piece that I am absolutely in love with, BUT I can’t publish it!  At least not in good conscious!  Silly me.

I ran across a photo posted by someone on my “Friends List” on Facebook.  The picture is absolutely heart warming, inspirational and glorious!  I said to myself, I said “Self!  You HAVE to try to paint this!”  And I did.  The project took a month or so and I am extremely proud of the results.  Except I forgot from whom, I borrowed the picture!  The photo is of a woman, with a new-born baby cradled in her arms.  The woman, dressed in a plain white nightgown, is looking down at the infant, wrapped in a plain white blanket. The light was perfect, the expression was perfect, the scene expresses pure love!  The problem?  I don’t think I dare publish the piece until I can find the subject!  I am nearly certain she would be complimented at the fact that I choose her photograph as my subject.  BUT, do I publish the work without giving her the opportunity to see it first?  If it were me and I saw a painting someone did of ME, without my knowledge, how would I react?  Because of the style of art work that I create, the woman in the painting isn’t really “recognizable” unless you knew her personally, OR knew of the existence of her photograph.  THEN, if you saw the painting, you’d say “Hey! That is….” and the person in the photo with her child, would come to mind.  It’s THAT kind of painting…

  I posted a VERY blurred, distorted version of the piece on Facebook, asking for everyones help in finding the subject of this painting, without success.  Instead of “clues” as to where to look or who to ask, I had people “reviewing” something that was never intended to be “art”!!  Maybe I will try scanning the painting again, and distorting it less this time.  The caption will read: “Do YOU know this person???”

 Meanwhile, today, I’m sharing two things I am equally impressed with!  “Ghost Train” created by my friend Selina, I think, is a fantastic piece, perfect for nearly any room in the house.  I played with sizes and pricing for this work.  The 24 x 36 on Premium Matte Canvas is only around $85.00.  Quite a bargain for the art enthusiast who wants a first-class piece of art in their home.  I am imagining it,  in my entry-way!


THEN, there’s my dear friend, Anne at “Perfect Postage”.  As always, HER wedding postage exceeds most everyones expectations!  Anne also creates art-work for Baby-Showers, Holidays, Special Dates and so on…  Annes “Perfect Postage” site AND blog is well worth the visit!  Anne has referred “work” to me, and I, to her.  I wouldn’t offer up her work if it wasn’t first-rate!

Meanwhile…  Does ANYONE recognize this person and her baby???  Again, the painting is somewhat distorted!!!

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