I screwed up.. PLEASE contact me

I screwed up today.  BIG TIME.  What the hell is new? Was out in the garage, answered and completed a phone call.  Set the phone on the roof of the car.  Realized I had ONE MORE errand to run.  Got Skip rounded up and put in the house. Got interrupted by a neighbor for a brief visit….   Ran my errand and returned.  Could not find my phone to call Roxanne when I got back home.  Had a neighbor call and call and call and call while I searched the yard, the house, the garage, the car, the office.  No phone.  No ringing.  No nothing.  Nowhere.

Frantically went to local AT&T store at 168th & Dodge.  “No.  We can’t locate your phone for you…”  Searched and searched again when I got home.  No phone.  Back to AT&T 5 miles, to suspend service.   Don’t want a bill for calls to Russia or some other *&^^%$)(*!!! thing.   On the way there, I found my phone.  In the middle of 108th street, in 5 million pieces.  Sadly, the Otter case was intact, but the phone is demolished.

Picked up the pieces in the road (getting honked at, fingered and called all sorts of names) as I gathered the pieces in the road. Did a U-turn and made another trip to AT&T with the parts.  “Nope, cannot retrieve data, apps, personal info, photos…  Nothing.  It is as the phone was nuked.”  Because my 18-year-old MAC is NOT compatible with the i-phone, there was no i-tunes back-up.   I’ve lost everything.  My entire LIFE was in that phone.  Everything from the dates my friends have died, wedding anniversaries, art contacts, Boys Town Friends and Alumni,  future doctor appointments and most importantly, EVERYONES address, phone number AND their important dates..  And oh yes, Skips court dates!

If you know me, and know anyone who knows me, or knows anyone who knows anyone that knows me:  PLEASE e-mail me their information  Your info;  Name  Address Telephone  anniversary  Birthdays.  I’ve lost it ALL.    If you’re not comfortable sharing someone elses info, I understand.  BUT please forward this to them and let them decide if they want me to add them to the new phone I was forced to buy today…

As it is, I will be digging through friggin’ papers stacked on my table for all of my doctors address and phone numbers, my sister, my cousin, friends etc.  ANY assistance would be appreciated.  The info can be e-mailed to me at:  dbuckman@cox.net   OR messaged to Dennis Buckman  10624 Izard Street  Omaha Nebraska 68114  Or lastly,  texted to 402-319-1434. Even a call from you would be appreciated.

Thank you everyone.  I assure you that your information is secure.  Even AT&T nor the Apple store could retrieve anything from the parts….  What a helluv a way to end the day…  Pardon my French….

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1 Response to I screwed up.. PLEASE contact me

  1. connie says:

    You have to have an itunes account number that contains on the info on the apps and itunes that you purchased. Shouldn’t you be able to pull the purchases from there and onto another iPhone.. at least you get apps and as for your contacts have ATT+T pull your billing history and that should have at least numbers that you might recognize. BTW.. it happens to all of us, I washed mine… it doesn’t take well to Tide soap.


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