House In The Woods

Like any owner/operator, I dreaded layovers, breakdowns or any other delay that prevented the wheels from rolling.  I’ve had my share of rescheduled loads – picking up AND delivering.  From Baltimore to San Diego and everywhere in between. Although I bought my trucks brand new, there were unavoidable breakdowns.  Spent 3 days in Kansas getting a turbo (and the subsequent damage) repaired on my  W900 Kenworth years ago.  Couple of days in Montana when an axle seal went out on the same truck.  Several days in Arizona while I waited for a water pump to be delivered for the Lo-Max Western Star (THAT was under warranty from CAT).House In The Woods print
House In The Woods by dbuckman

Whether I was in the truck rolling down the road, or suffering through some unplanned delay, I dreaded sitting still!  Instead of hanging at the shipper or receiver, or the waiting room of a dealership/truck stop, I preferred, if I was able, to secure my trailer at some out-of-the-way location, and go wandering.  If it weren’t possible to Bob-Tail my way around, I’d rent a car for the days I was stranded.


House In The Woods postcard

During these wanderings, I’d shoot literally, hundreds of photographs, with the intention of using a select few in my art work.  A few months ago, I ran across a series of photos simply labeled, “Three Day Layover/Colorado”.  I chose THIS one to play with….  I don’t remember WHERE in Colorado, this piece was inspired.  The state is 380 miles long and 280 miles wide, covering I think 104,100 square miles!  Nor do I recall WHY I spent three days in the area!

Alas, it is a “House In The Woods” and a little piece of earth I enjoyed finding…   Hope you do too!

This is originally printed on the Premium Matte Canvas 60 x 40  format, and advertised as such.  However, it IS available as small as 4 x 6.  Thank you again, for stopping by…

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2 Responses to House In The Woods

  1. ceb2007 says:

    Love the picture. I enjoyed the story also.


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