Meet My Friends, Brooke & Tucker

I could write pages and pages regarding my friend Brooke and her accomplishments in the saddle and around the horse breeding operation her family operates.  But there could also be a volume of pages written about Brookes achievements in “life” in general.  This post is about none of that.  Only about the afternoon we recently spent at the County Fair.

Brooke & Tucker

 Brooke and Tucker were entered in the barrel racing event at the Cass County Fair.  A local event without a great deal of accolades, but a great amount of self-satisfaction for the participants.  The competition was SUPPOSED to take place Friday night, but was canceled due to rain.  Their schedule was moved to Sunday afternoon.


Meet Tucker

 Brooke and her folks raise first class, high quality horses. Trained, acclimated and humanized, their horses are THE BEST!!! 

 Although Tucker was the only one entered in Sundays event, Delvin and Sheryl brough along five others for the ride to the fairgrounds.  The idea?  Getting the horses used to trailering, the crowds, new noises and new places .  Perhaps even new “smells” such as sweet potato french fries?


Brooke & Tucker Warming Up

Brooke seems to have the ability to communicate with Tucker very well.  Both in warm ups AND the competition itself. 

“Headed Home”

She rode and guided Tucker professionally around the barrel course.  It was a pleasure and a treat, to witness a couple of pros doing what they do best…  I thought of how I miss my own horses and their talents as I watched Brooke & Tucker run the course….   Ahh, even the sounds of a rider and leather on the back of a horse…

Around The Barrel

We cheered her on as she and Tucker skillfully rounded the barrels.  Brooke IS the best!  On this day, she finished in 2nd place with I believe,was a 15.2 second ride!

The professional”Buhrs Barrel Horses”  logo and brand,  painted on their  horse-hauling, home away from home!

Brookes Championship Saddle from District 9 in Nebraska 2008

It was  GREAT afternoon for me for several reasons…  We’ve been promising Brooke for what seems like forever, to attend some of her events.  Secondly, I haven’t been this far away from home since getting hurt in February.  Believe me, for a guy accustomed to running 150,000 miles a year, this short little road trip to the Cass County Fair,  was a treat!  Lastly, couldn’t have asked for a better day to be out, among the horses and top-notch horse people!  Thanks you guys, for a great day!

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3 Responses to Meet My Friends, Brooke & Tucker

  1. Cynthia says:

    Looks like you had a really busy time, but apparently very enjoyable. Glad to see you out and about and NOT working!!


  2. Hilary Huschka says:

    Way to go Brooke!


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