Bridges Of Reflection

Today is what I call a “B.A.D.” A bad arm day.  Yesterday was, too.  As a result, I dug through the archives of blogs I’ve done ahead of time for such occasions….  Thank you everyone, for stopping by!

Bridges Of Reflection print
Bridges Of Reflection by dbuckman

Fall Bridge

Bridges of Reflection…  There are countless writers, more adept than I, metaphorically penning the similarities between bridges and our lives. There also exists, an endless quantity of sensations one can contrive as we approach and cross each bridge facing us. We cross, in order to journey to yet another destination, yet I wonder how many stop long enough to reflect on the path that led them here. I stopped at this place originally, to embrace the fall colors, nearly oblivious to the next crossing in front of me. I took for granted, the bridges existence, knowing that eventually I would move forward. Yet stopping at this precise spot allowed me to look back upon the day’s journey.

For the majority of my art work I suggest the “matte” finish when ordering.    “Bridges Of Reflection” can go either way.  However, if you invest in the gloss print, then by all means when framing, invest in non-glare glass!  This piece is also available on post cards, greeting cards & first class USPS postage!  Thank you for visiting!

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