Meet Elmer = What I Have Been Doing For Therapy

What I’ve been doing for mental Therapy…

I have been away from the Internet for a while.  The computer crashed and was in the shop again for several weeks.  Thank you Geek Squad for a job well done (so far).  Therefore my art, painting and photography came to a standstill.  But, I CAN’T sit still…

I have been building these wooden rocking horses for more years than I care to admit. Let me just say that I presented one of my creations to a friend of mine when he had his son almost 30 years ago. Christopher, Mikes son, STILL had his rocking horse and is saving it for his own child.

Awhile back, a friend of mine near Lincoln Nebraska announced that she was pregnant with their third child.  Me, not working and unable to purchase much of a gift for her baby shower, I decided to build them a horse.  One thing lead to another, and I now have 7 of them in various stages of construction in the work shop.  On days when my arm, feels ok, I work feverishly in the shop on “Flop Ears”,  “Troy”, “Woody” and the others. ON days when my arm is too painful to bear, construction comes to a standstill.

I usually name ALL of the wooden rocking horses that I build. Elmers’ namesake is of course the glue and dowels, used to construct him.  Elmer was completed a couple of weeks ago and has been delivered.

These horses aren’t junk. Constructed from solid oak, walnut, cherry and mahogany wood, the ONLY pine contained in the piece is the dowels, and small, hidden leg braces.  Each horse is different.  The rockers are different, the stairs are different.   They are ALL heirloom quality.   I haven’t built the same horse more than once in 30 years.  I’m just saying, you aren’t going to find these on the shelf at Walmart.

The horses take 3 or 4 weeks to build (sometimes longer) and so if you’re interested in buying one, I need PLENTY of advance notice.  They usually contain 20 to 25 individual pieces of wood.  There are a couple of issues;  With the expense of top-notch quality wood, the cost of blades, chisels, even sandpaper, these horses are not cheap to build.  My neighbor Nate ordered on for his nieces for Christmas.  “Ozzie” will sell for $600.00 when complete.  I’ll be posting some photo of Ozzie when he’s done.  I have another (unnamed thusfar), ordered by a friend for their grandchild for an upcoming birthday…

And, giving credit where credit is due:  Elmer’s glue was invented in 1942 by Ashworth Stull, a Georgia Tech chemistry graduate. He sold the company to Borden in the mid-1950s.

Without the computer, THIS is what has been occupying my time these past few weeks.  I DID, at the advice of my friend Ann, create post cards, greeting cards AND First Class US Postage of each of the horses…  If you can’t buy an original horse, perhaps you’d like a greeting card!!   Thank you everyone.

P.S.  Let me apologize for the poor quality photography ahead of time.  My arm really limits my abilities in that department lately…

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5 Responses to Meet Elmer = What I Have Been Doing For Therapy

  1. annie says:

    Elmer is too cute!!


  2. Karin Noren says:

    Very neat! This is where your creative talent really shows through!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous Dennis but then I expected that from you as I know how much you put into each one. Job well done.


  4. Pamela M. Kiefer says:

    I enjoyed reading what you have written. I was browsing, looking for someone who makes wooden toy rocking animals. I would like to find someone who would make a wooden toy Buck,or white-tailed deer. I have a grandson that is going to be born in November and the nursery,(his bedroom), is all about deer and duck hunting. If you would happen to know of somewhere please e-mail me. Thankyou


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