White Calla Lily Painting

Whenever I begin painting flowers, I always consider their meaning and try to research the same.  In my attempt to incorporate light, texture and my desire for the viewer to experience the fragrance, my goal is to be accurate, yet take  advantage of artistic freedom.  Today, flower symbolism is considered less frequently, with the exception of weddings and funerals.  Even years ago as an altar boy, I remember the Calla Lily being one of the most desired flowers brides used to celebrate their wedding day.  The Calla Lily was first cherished as a celebration of light, then as funeral flower. I recall saying mass at many-a-funeral with Calla Lilies decorating the altar and the casket of the deceased.

Since the days of ancient Rome the Calla Lily has been treasured as a flower of celebration.  It is associated with a symbol of purity and these spectacular flowers are beginning to rival the rose in popularity for interior decorating.  The Calla Lily, originally from the continent of Africa, is rich with history, and it is an elegant and colorful flower to enjoy on any occasion. This Calla Lily print is a show-stopper, and its pristine white, large, showy flower makes it a wall piece to enjoy.

Calla Lily Postage stamp

Portraying purity and grace with the large, trumpet-shaped blooms I attempted to interpret the “magnificent beauty,” of the flower in this work.  This Calla Lily painting will be easy to arrange on any wall and guaranteed to make an impression on your guests.

Divine, elegant, classy you name it, the blank greeting cards are ideal for wedding invitations, engagement parties, birth announcements and more.  Stunning in color, their white or creamy shades of white leave the impression of a fantasy flower, that can only be found in mystical stories.  These are real flowers, having a real astonishing beauty!  In my opinion, White Calla Lilies in any form, in real life or art, are simply divine. They are the ultimate, elegant thing, as they are both classic and modern.

This painting will go with whatever color you like to mix it with. It will allow you the decorating options, as no matter the color or furniture, walls or trim you will use.  This White Calla Lily print will always stand out in your choice of decor.

As always, thank you for stopping by….

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