Yellow and White Plumeria

Plumeria flowers are used in art, in jewelry, decorations and tattoos.  The flower is known to represent different meanings in different cultures. Therefore, what you want to say with your plumeria gift depends on what culture you belong to and what meanings the gift receiver attaches to plumerias.

Plumeria has always been part of the Hawaiian lifestyle, first as an ornamental flower at funerals and cemeteries.  For Hawaiians, plumeria  represents perfection and the bond between everything good. In addition, plumeria is the symbol of new life, springtime and re-creation of the nature.  In Hawaii, it is believed that every day is a cause for appreciation of life and the wonder and beauty of the natural world around us.

In China, plumeria flowers are tokens of love. In a culture where expression of personal feelings is very much prohibited, giving Plumeria flowers to someone is the closest thing to saying; you’re special.  Giving a plumeria flower to your sweetheart has the same meaning as saying “I love you”.  The Chinese consider plumerias even more precious than orchids.

In Hindu culture, plumeria flowers represent loyalty, and young brides wear plumerias in their hair on their wedding day to show their loyalty to their new husbands.

In Vietnam, plumeria is the flower of the educated and westernized upper class. Therefore, plumeria flowers are used to show status in society.

Plumaria is the national flower of Nicaragua and its “Nicaraguan” name
is Sacuanjoche.  It is also called the May Flower because that is its flowering month. Its name is derived from the word “xacuan” from a native language and means “precious yellow feather or flower.”

So when you’re sending a greeting card, a post card, or addressing that snail mail,  keep in mind the different expressions available for the plumeria flower!  Regardless of the message you want to convey, the plumeria is a good choice!

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  1. eva626 says:

    very pretty and eye catching!


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