Betty Boop

BETTY BOOP speckcaseI was going to start out by saying, “When I was a kid, Betty Boop was a cartoon…”.  Except I’m not a kid anymore, and Betty Boop is still a cartoon.  I found her on this I-Phone case, and other items as I browsed around the last few days.

BUT, what I was looking for, was information about the Betty Boop Rose!  I feel that if you know what the colors of various flowers  represent, and the recipient knows, then you  share
something that has more meaning than any mere flower.

Betty Boop rose bushes are red/yellow cheerful roses, named after the energetic and popular cartoon character.  Originally, Betty Boop, the cartoon, served as an  icon during the carefree era of the Jazz flappers. Flappers were  the first women to freely display and flaunt themselves in a way that was  considered extreme in their day.  By todays standards, Bettys behavior would be viewed as quite normal! Betty’s  character was most often depicted as a modern woman at odds with the older  generation and the ways of her parents.  Much like the behavior of this particular rose!

The Betty Boop rose, like the cartoon character, can represent many different things depending on how it is interpreted. The main representation of Betty Boop, is of a woman aware of her sexuality and who is in control of it. Again, like the cartoon character, the wonderful, changeable flowers are sort of semi-double and bright yellow at first, with wide coral edges.  Then the yellow fades to white and disappears from the edges, so that the coral turns to crimson.  Quite a transformation of colors.  The colors and patterns on the individual flowers are striking at all the stages of growth.  Sending a card with the Betty Boop rose can send the perfect message of appreciation for relationships and friendships without the romantic message of other roses.  Know someone in your life with the “blues”?  Sending them a Betty Boop card will certainly brighten their day!

Clicking on the photo of each item will take you to my gallery where these pieces are available for sale.  You don’t have to buy multiples of the same piece to receive a quantity discount.

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