“Bridges” Series

The following is the introduction I wrote for my art series, entitled “Bridges”.  From time to time, in this blog, I will be featuring the individual pieces.  Since this was first written, there have been new road blocks and detours in life.  Unexpected canyons in the middle of what were once familiar highways.  I want to again express my appreciation for all of the “Bridges” which have gotten me from there to here.

“There are three types of people; Those building bridges. Those bent on destroying them. And those waiting to cross…”

(Yusof Islam)

All Roads Lead Home card“Bridges” and the works therein, are intended to be viewed as metaphors. There are more than half a million bridges in the United States. We rely on bridges every day to cross obstacles such as streams, valleys, rivers, canyons and even man-made barriers such as railroad tracks or other roadways. Bridges are constructed so that we are able to travel to our destination more quickly, more safely, and more smoothly.  In the normal course of life, we give them little thought.

Throughout our lives, we are occasionally faced with hurdles and barriers. Hardships and challenges. Aren’t we thankful for the “bridges” in our lives that guide us over, around or through, what we may otherwise view as impassable, insurmountable roadblocks?

Am I The Bridge? print
The bridges we incorporate may be of our own making; A new way to confront and conquer a particular challenge, previously viewed as unassailable. Alternatively, is our bridge constructed of the people around us, helping to guide us in a different direction and get us through a difficult time?

Sunlit Bridge print

“Bridges” is dedicated to those who cross them, and those who built them for the purposes of “getting us where we want to go”. Lastly, to express my appreciation to the countless bridges I have experienced in my own life’s travels.

When ordering these prints through the Zazzle Store, BE SURE to click on the “Matte Finish” regardless of the size of the print you are ordering.  ALL of these pieces are available on Greeting Cards, Post Cards, and First Class United States Postage!

Thank you, in advance!  I appreciate each and every one of you!

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