On The Post

I had fun a year ago, sharing a “post” a day on Facebook. In my travels through town, I saw different styles, designs and even a variety of decorations adorning the light posts.  I shared these sites via my cell phone.    In this recent work, I concentrated as much on the wooden post in the background, as I did the flower.  And then it hit me;

What else besides my art, do I have to do right now, but to research the oddest things.  One of them?  The word “post”.  For social networking folks, a “post” is the brief writing you do on people’s walls ( we won’t delve into the word, wall right now!).  For the New Yorker, mention “The Post” and you’re referring to the newspaper.  If you’re in the military, a post is where you’re stationed.  In the grocery business?  There is Post Foods.  If you’re into basketball, you may play the “post position”.  An auto enthusiast will tell you that a post is a pillar on a car body.

My grandmother used to walk down a couple of streets to “post” a letter.  If you’re an equestrian, you would know that Posting is to rise out of the saddle seat for every other stride of the horse’s forelegs.  That or, “They’re at the post…” Meaning the horses are staged to begin racing.  If you’re in trouble with the law, you need someone to provide or  post”  bail.

With this floral piece however, I was referring to “…a length of wood, metal, etc, fixed upright in the ground to serve as a support, marker, point of attachment, etc.”

On The Post Mug mug

Hope you enjoy the flower!  And don’t forget, in my Zazzle Gallery, there IS a bulk discount when investing in POSTcards!!!

On The Post Postcard postcard
On The Post Postcard by dbuckman

(Don’t forget POSTage Stamps!)
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1 Response to On The Post

  1. Roxanne says:

    Hey that looks just like the Columbine in my garden…that is until a dog chose that spot to lie down. Maybe I should put a “post” there to keep him at his “post” and not in my garden. Thanks for sharing.


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