Fairies and Morning Glorys

Morning Glory (And Fairies?) Print print
Morning Glory (And Fairies?) Print by dbuckman
According to the Victorian “Language of Flowers” the Morning-Glory  represents “love in vain” for whatever outside circumstances.  I also read that the star-shaped Morning-Glory is symbolic of a single day each year in which the Chinese lovers, Chien Niu and Chih Neu, are allowed to meet. According to Chinese lore, Chien Niu was a boy star who was entrusted to take care of water buffalo in the heavenly kingdom. A girl star named Chih Neu was put in charge of seamstress duties. They fell in love, and the romance caused them to neglect their duties. In anger, God forced the young lovers to be separated on both sides of the Silver River and allowed then to meet only once during the whole year.

Mormning Glory (And Fairies?) Card card

When I first completed this piece, I had TWO people ask me about “The Fairy Painting”.  I thought back to a few years ago, when I did a commissioned piece for a clients granddaughter.  She loved the floral print, but requested that I “hide” a dozen or so fairies among the flowers.  I carefully edited the piece and over time, managed to camouflage a variety of the little pixies through the “garden” before delivering the piece for display in her newly redecorated bedroom. “No.  NOT that print” my clients stated.  “The new one…”

In THIS work, my intent was a Morning-Glory flower.  I didn’t know I’d hidden any fairies, unless they accidentally landed there!  So, I did some fairy homework.  Legend says that if you pick a four-leaf clover and lie quietly in a field, you will soon be surrounded with dancing fairies.  You can also look for a stone that has a hole naturally bored into it by running water. Just look through the hole and you will see fairies.  Hmmm.

I’m appreciative of those who invest in my work regardless of “what” they may see.  And perhaps my two clients had been laying out in a field with a four-leaf clover before this piece was completed.  In any case, I submit to you, “Morning Glory” (And Fairies?)….  Rocks and Clovers Not Included!

IN addition to the prints and cards, First Class US Postage has been approved!

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