Columbine & Flower Meanings

Columbine Mug mug
Flowers have the ability to communicate without our help.  Yet through the centuries, mankind has attached significant meanings to flowers.  Actually we have gone as far as to formulate a “special” language called “floriography.” While reading up on the  modern meaning of various flowers, I’ve decided that the columbine has taken a bum rap.  Columbine was first dedicated to Freya, the Norse patron goddess of love and  fertility.  As Christianity became more popular, the symbolism of columbine changed.  The flower became associated with  the core beliefs of faith, hope, charity,  justice, temperance, prudence and fortitude.

Columbine Prints print

THEN we get into the significance of the COLOR of a particular flower!  It is widely accepted that purple is the color of power and luxury, but it is also associated with good judgment and spiritual fulfillment.  Purple flowers have been tied to royalty and ceremony.  They also represent the elements of dignity, pride and success. Yet I see now, the purple columbine is associated with being “Resolved to win…”.  I don’t know about all of that.  What I do know, is whether grouped alone in a bold range of rich hues or mixed in with other colors to provide depth and contrast, an arrangement or garden filled with purple blooms always catches my eye!  Another resource states that the columbine represents accomplishment, admiration, salvation, strength and wisdom.  Hmmm.  maybe THAT’S why I enjoy them so much!

But remember, a gift of flowers for a special someone will create its own personal meaning, too!  My greeting cards and post cards are left blank for your own personal message!

The Columbine print is displayed and advertised in the “Bronze Matte Finish”.  If you wish to reduce your investment in the piece, it can be ordered in the gloss finish, and it will look just as nice!  And don’t forget the stamps!

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