Dissection Of Toms Iris

I was the kid who took his sisters dolls apart to see what made them cry (not my sisters, the dolls!).  I was the boy, who a month after receiving a watch for Christmas, disassembled it to see what made it work.  Towards the end of my time in Louisville, I could probably have put my bike back together, blind-folded.  That intense curiosity was actually encouraged by my step-Dad whose basement work shop contained far more tools than just a few screw drivers and a hammer. Lathes, table saws, drill presses, router tables, belt sanders, jig saws…  Dad trusted me with nearly every tool he owned, “Just don’t cut your hand off while I’m gone.”   Dad was hard to keep up with.  Before leaving for work (he worked the night shift at the Courier Journal, in Louisville) he’d often leave a list of things he wanted done in the shop that evening.  And Dads theory was, “If you aren’t bleeding from somewhere,  you weren’t working hard enough!”  He made sure I knew which drawer contained the band aids, gauze, mercurochrome and iodine!

Again I stray.

My point is, I STILL like to see what things look like inside and how all the pieces fit together.  Therefore, with neighbor Toms permission, after a day of photography in his front yard, I carefully dissected one or two of his Iris blooms.

Two petals grow up and back while three petals hang down to the front of the flower. Inside an iris flower is the “arm,” which holds the stigma and stamen.  The rest, I “googled” and decided, “I don’t want to know that much.  I simply wanted to see what the inside looked like.  And if it would be a worthwhile art project.”

I will leave that for you to decide!  Thank you for stopping by!

Toms Iris Postcard postcard
Toms Iris Postcard by dbuckman

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