Back-Lit Calla Lily

Calla lilies are beautiful flowers that have been popular for centuries.  And lately I’ve been on a “Lily Mission”!

With the light behind them, and slightly distorted, I wanted these flowers to seem transparent… Regular Calla lilies have large, impressive blooms that can measure more than 6 inches in diameter when fully open.   Regular Callas come in only two colors–white or green. Mini Calla Lilies come in nearly every color of the rainbow, from black to hot pink. Boy do I have a lot of work to look forward to!

  This print can be ordered in the gloss or matte format, depending on your intentions.  Personally, I’d use the matte finish and frame it with non-glare glass.  Yes, it’s also available on blank greeting cards, post cards and United States Postage!  Consider a set of coffee cups as a housewarming or wedding gift!

Back-Lit Calla Lily Mug mug
Back-Lit Calla Lily Mug by dbuckman

A post script:  I received the “Todays Best” award in the Floral Division from Zazzle for this recent submission.  The host of my gallery!

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1 Response to Back-Lit Calla Lily

  1. Judy Ruff says:

    This is absolutely gorgoeus.


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