January 1, 2010 Boys Town/New Acquaintances

This was a “mass mail” I sent out to everyone on my e-mail list, New Years Day 2010

While I work on new art pieces and narrations, I thought I’d share some of the old…

Friday, January 1, 2010

Potential stamp

Many have said, “I’ll be glad to have 2009 behind me…” Others have exclaimed how excited they are, anticipating 2010. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit, 2009 presented me with unforeseen trials and tribulations. For me, the year brought about additional “lifes’ lessons”. Lesson where my physical body has once again betrayed me and put on hold many of the goals I had in mind. I have met up with people at their best and their worst. And I’m being tested once again. Often there are moments, where complete surrender seems the only alternative. Physical. Spiritual. Financial. “We aren’t quitters, we’re survivors…” my cousin Greg often reminds me during our late-night telephone calls. I frequently remind myself of the axioms and lessons I’ve been presented with throughout my life. “If a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right…”. “God helps those who help themselves…”. The ingrained quotes and slogans constantly run through my mind as I continue to do battle with what I prefer to call, “the elements” presented me.

I’ve reconnected with countless teachers, counselors, coaches, as well as Brothers and Sisters from Boys Town. In years past, something or someone reminded me of a particular classmate or acquaintance, and I’d think, “I wonder what they’re up to these days?”. With referrals, friends of friends and often by accident, my own list of BT Alumni has grown tremendously. I am grateful to have reconnected with so many. I was explaining my delight to a friend not long ago. The enthusiasm and excitement I felt at the expanding list of names. “Why? Why is that so important to you?” he asked. “I don’t have an exact answer…” I tried to explain. “No matter the generation, it’s a group of people who at one time or another shared similar lives. I grew up in a situation, where all we had, was each other. Absolutely, we fought amongst ourselves on occasion, but let someone from “the outs” become aggressive or “wrong” one of our own… “He’s not heavy Father, he’s my brother…”

Family Alumni stamp
On this wall, Mike Smith, Class of ’67 wrote, “It has been suggested that since you graduated from Boys Town that you may not have had any family. To the contrary, nobody has a larger family…” That is a part of the emotion I carry with me as I continually add to my “list”. We all shined the same floors at one time or another. Polished the brass, baled the hay, worked in the dinning hall, played sports, rode the blue and white buses…”. Funny. Though I’ve been away from the home for 37 years, Msgr. Wegners voice still echoes when I was appointed and sworn in,  to the Boys Town City Council; “You will forever represent The Home…”. Regardless of my situation, I will always radiate the highest degree of pride in knowing I share my diploma with countless generations of success stories (success being measured in the non-traditional way).  I can only continue to work and be mindful of those gone before, and after me. I especially want to express recognition for the BT grads who have given their life for our country. “Dying for freedom is nobler than living in the shadow of weak submission..” (Kahlil Gibran). AND the words of Boys Towns founder, Father Flanagan ;  “The work will continue, you see, whether I am here or not, because it is God’s work, not mine.”

Arizona Formations stampI was finally convinced that the activity I considered a hobby should generate income as “art”. I became enthused and excited at the prospect of actually sharing with the world (thanks to the Internet, and my friend, Anne) thoughts and emotions that had made their way to paper via my photography, editing, and the computer. And in the meantime, supplement my income for what has been a miserable year in the way of my inability to work at my former job to support myself. Hence, the invention of:  dennisbuckman.com.   There again, it has been with someones help, who I know has unselfishly devoted a great deal of time and energy to contribute to the effort of making my art work, public, affordable and more easily seen. It is due to generous donation of her time, that the web site even exists! I would like to once again, thank Anne and her belief in me.  Those of you interested in dressing up a wedding, should definitely visit her site. Meanwhile, I have been spending what I laughingly refer to as “spare time” between doctors visits, hospital stays, lab tests and so on, promoting my site on Facebook and Twitter. Truly, if anyone can think of any other outlets for my work, an e-mail would be appreciated!

Building Joy stampI am tempted of course, to wish everyone a great and prosperous 2010. But, the prayers and desire for all of my friends and acquaintances go far beyond that. I wish for everyone I know..  Everyone I have become acquainted with;  Life. Knowledge. Humanity, and Spirit. Not just in 2010, but every day of their lives. I want to express my extreme gratitude to those who have befriended me, supported me and believed in me. My goal this year, is to prove you right. I’d like you to know,  I was worth befriending.

 Happy New Year to you all…

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