Abounding Hope/Boys Town Fellowship/Determined Women

My apology in advance, for the length of this entry.  However, it is worth the read.  I wanted to utilize this space to express my gratitude and pride in what I feel has been a “mutual accomplishment”.  Thanks to todays technology, we’re able to quickly and easily communicate with people all over the world.  I would have never dreamt that my art would sell in places like Germany, Australia or even Oregon.  BUT, it is happening!   Little did I realize several years ago, people would be coming to ME for design ideas. “Things” may not be occurring as quickly as I would like, I mean people aren’t lining up at the door and I admit to not having “the patience of Job”!  But I am enjoying the challenges.

Aside from promoting my art-work, the Internet has allowed me to reunite with former classmates, teachers, friends and family members from Boys Town.  Included in the flurry of communication, I’ve been getting acquainted with hundreds of individuals who shared those hallowed halls a generation or two after my graduation from the home.  It would be interesting to know exactly how many lives have been touched by Boys Town alumni since the school was  incorporated as a Nebraska municipality in 1936.  Including one individual I’d like to mention here…

Abounding Hope Christian School printSome time ago I had the pleasure to make the acquaintance of a fellow  BT Alumni, Theresa Nelson.  Though we anticipate meeting face-to-face at the upcoming reunion, our conversations until recently have been through the Internet.   I learned that Theresa attended Boys Town from 1987 to 1990.  She left the campus in her Junior year, but  obtained her  BT diploma in 1992.

 Along the lines of the adage, “Necessity is the mother of invention” or, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way” and even throw in a quote from Helen Lawrenson,  “If a woman is sufficiently ambitious, determined and gifted – there’s practically nothing she can’t do.” These quotes don’t put a dent in describing Theresa or her recent accomplishments.

Abounding Hope Christian School Mugs mug

In an  effort to keep this brief;  Theresa has a 14-year-old son who is a “special needs” student.  One of the struggles has been that the  traditional school system in her area is not geared for educating children with any type of learning disorders.  Neither the private or public school system in her area offered any adjustment in curriculum for challenged students.  “Normal” school simply did not meet the needs of Theresas son or children like him.

Out of the necessity for an educational facility geared for students with behavior disorders, learning disabilities and simply the guidance towards a life of independence, Abounding Hope Christian School was founded.  From concept to reality, the school came to being about 1 year ago.  Without going into every detail, establishing a school is not an easy task!  You don’t just wake up one day to open a school.  But Theresa Nelson has made it happen.

Abounding Hope Christian School stampWhere does Boys Town enter into this?  Theresa decided early on, to incorporate some of the concepts she learned while in Boys Town.  She stated that her education in social skills, dealing with learning disabilities and understanding behavioral  disorders will be utilized in the daily activities of their students.  Accredited by State of Kansas, Theresa and her staff at Abounding Hope Christian School are accepting applications for students for the Fall of 2011 school session.

Where do I play a part in this? Because of our mutual affiliation and history as students from Boys Town, Theresa approached me about designing a logo for her new school.  She has seen my art work, visited the web site, subscribed to the blog and has done nothing but sing the praises of my work.  I felt complimented for that fact alone.  I considered it an honor and a challenge to meet Theresa’s’ expectations for my ability to graphically communicate the goals and intent of Abounding Hope Christian School.  It was the Vision Statement of Abounding Hope and knowing what I’ve learned about Theresa personally, that inspired the logo I designed. We have an arrangement whereby the funds generated by products bearing the Abounding Hope Christian School logo, will be directed to the school.   It was my goal in the graphics,  to communicate the ambitions of the school and to portray Theresa’s dream:  Below, is the Vision Statement of Abounding Hope.

Our vision is to provide Christian education and training for those students to whom Christian education is inaccessible because of academic or behavior concerns. The goal of our school is to provide a safe place in which students can grow in their faith, progress academically at their own pace, and prepare themselves to love and serve our Lord. These objectives will help use fulfill this purpose.

To treat each student as a God inspired individual with a specific purpose in Kingdom work.

To assist each student in finding God’s plan for them in the area of ministry to others.

To lead the student to an understanding that Scripture is applicable to life and is useful for teaching, correcting, and equipping for God’s work.

To provide opportunities to worship both individually and collectively.

To assist each student in learning and practicing the qualities of discipline and self-control.

To provide an academic program tailored to the needs of the individual student with an emphasis on practical life skills.

To teach socially acceptable behaviors as a means to fulfill God’s special call on their life.

To focus attention on our school’s ministry to others.

For contact info you can reach Theresa at:  620 242-9381

Abounding Hope Christian School  POB 71  McPherson, Kansas 67460

Facebook Page for Abounding Hope

Obviously, it is always my goal to promote my art-work and attempt to earn a living doing so.  However, I deeply desire, for this writing and the future of my fellow Alumni Theresa Nelson, an insurmountable degree of success!

Thank You Theresa, for allowing me to give something back…

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5 Responses to Abounding Hope/Boys Town Fellowship/Determined Women

  1. prairieguy says:

    Thanks fo sharing Dennis, I love the logo and the work Teresa is doing!


  2. Just a quick bit of information. In the beginning, we will not be accredited. The PO box is 571, McPherson, KS 67460.


  3. First day of school will be August 25, 2011! PTL! Keep us in your prayers.


  4. Rhonie Lopez says:

    My best to you Theresa! May the love you have continue to grace us in our generation as well as those that follow.. And thank you Dennis for your love and support. As long as we have faith in our fellow brothers and sisters of Boys Town, we honor Father Flanagan.


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