One Mans Weed Is Another Mans Flower

The calla lilies are a beautiful genus of flowers that have been enjoyed by humans for centuries.   It is a truly unique flower.   In addition as a favorite for gardeners, calla lilies have become extremely popular as cut flowers for any vase. They often appear in flower arrangements, particularly bridal bouquets. In many of the countries from where the calla lily originates it is thought of as a weed and is ferociously cut down to make way for agriculture!  One mans junk, is another mans treasure! Calla lilies are appropriate for any occasion. They make wonderful wedding flowers, as they bloom in the months of June and July. The meaning associated with them is “beauty”. Therefore, they are the perfect gift for anyone who is beautiful in the eyes of the sender. To me, the flowers are exotic and dramatic, and make excellent art subjects. Whether you want to send this as a gift or greeting card or you just want to add a decorators touch to your own home, this print, especially ordered in the “canvas” option is an elegant addition.  The calla lily is becoming popular for its delicate beauty and sense of drama.

Should you decide to order this print in the “poster” format, I”d suggest the “matte” finish.  When purchasing greeting cards from my site, you can include your own message inside the card, or order them blank…  USPS Postage approval is pending.   Thank you all in advance!

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1 Response to One Mans Weed Is Another Mans Flower

  1. annie says:

    Beautiful!! I can’t wait for the stamp – this will be gorgeous for wedding invitations.


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