Sandhill Cranes

Nebraska Sandhill Cranes

Migration Across Nebraska

Having been “grounded” for several months due to health issues, I have taken the opportunity to sort through sketches, photos and quickly written notes of years past.  In the process of remodeling the studio, I’ve come across more “work” that I’ve begun, but never got around to completing. They are everywhere!  Desk drawers, closets, garage cabinets! Now that I have the time available, I’ve been attacking them, determined to finish what I started so long ago.

Let the journey continue!

Sandhill Cranes stamp
Sandhill Cranes by dbuckman

Being present during the gathering of half a million cranes under a glowing red Nebraska sunset awaken the senses. What better way to lift your spirits than to hear and view such an event. For me it’s been better than ANY Daytona 500, World Series, Super Bowl or Final Four.  And I’m a big fan of all of them!  Even though the Ides Of March in Nebraska whirl around you (it’s a volatile time of year), attending the migration is well worth the effort. Cranes are among the oldest living birds on the planet. These birds have survived and watched as buffalo, pronghorn antelope, pheasants, deer, and elk migrated to the prairies. Humans now dominate the landscape from coast to coast, having replaced the bison with cattle and the prairie with corn, wheat and concrete.  Still, there are places we can go, to “get away”.

 I HIGHLY suggest the matte finish when investing in this piece!  It is available as large a 52 x 69, or as small as a portfolio print (11 x 15).  Thank you for stopping in.

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