Iron Horses & Iron Bridges

Iron Horses & Iron Bridges – Rail Travel

If you “google” Steam Train History, you will be presented with 1,810,000 results! I was searching for a particular event I witnessed a few years ago. It was an awe-inspiring, adventure fulfilling, adrenalin pumping experience. As this behemoth steams her way through the Sierra Nevada, then through the Feather River Canyon. Crisscrossed by lakes, streams and rivers, the Sierras served as an exhilarating backdrop for the fire-breathing, steam belching creature that carefully navigated the land of creeks and canyons on previously laid ribbons of steel. Although I did not come from a “railroad family”, my granddad worked at the rail yard in Louisville. And, I’ve previously written about my time with Mrs. West near the rail yard. I have been fascinated by trains in general and steam engines of old for as long as I can remember. This piece serves as a tribute to a small piece of American History.

Made with premium UV-resistant archival ink, these prints are available on seven different media, from basic poster paper to canvas.  Also available  on Greeting Cards, Post Cards & USPS  First Class Postage Stamps.  Stop in the gallery for a visit!

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