“An excellent example of how a Musicians Lyrics can sometimes dig deeper than the an Artists Brush…”
I was browsing around at other artists work and found a few thing that made me go “Hmmmm…”.  The first, a coffee cup promoting the social networks, Facebook & My Space.  There is a great deal out there, but I liked this guys design.
Then, while the news was on, I thought how we are being inundated with the “Royal Wedding” and wondered, “Just how many people really care about the event taking place over the pond.  I was amazed!  There are posters, stamps, prints and yes, coffee cups commemorating the event.
And then, for whatever reason, I reverted back 50 or more years ago to the things that made me smile, and I ran across Yogi Bear & Boo Boo…  The above linked song by
 “Four Jacks & A Jill”.
People have asked, “What inspires your art?” ALL of these things have had an influence on the “art” I create.  “Things” that touch the heart and soul.  How to communicate the emotions these things evoke?  I have decided my thoughts and ideas are more complex than I realized…
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