My Children

In 1993 I joined the organization, “Trucker Buddy“.  The groups’ mission is to help educate and mentor schoolchildren via  pen pal relationships between professional truck drivers and children. Trucker Buddy matches classes of students with drivers. Every week drivers are supposed to share news about their travels with their class. The goal is to enhance the students’ skills in reading, writing, geography, mathematics, social studies, and history.

Big blue semi postcard

I was “adopted” by Alameda Christian School some years ago.  ACS is an independent school located in Alameda, California, near Oakland.   The relationship has been a perfect match.    Not only do I correspond with “my children” several times a week, but Skip and I made it a point to visit ACS two or three times throughout the year.  Only a few blocks away from the “Oakland Inner Harbor”, daytime parking for the trucks I owned was always at a premium so I made it a point to notify local law enforcement, and arrive for my visits the night before.

The piece, “Oakland California” was inspired during my various trips across the Park Street Bridge out of Alameda, then Southbound on the 880 to the 101 and Gilroy…  For those who choose to invest in the work, I suggest ordering it in the “matte” finish.  The glossy one is fine, but that wasn’t my intention…

Oakland California postcard

“Pressure from both directions forces the growth up, not out.”

Those who know me more intimately know that I am overly nostalgic.  I proudly stored away, what most parents would call “refrigerator art”  received from each class I’ve corresponded with during my relationship with ACS.  I have the pictures they’ve drawn, the letters they’ve written…  Hand made Christmas Cards, carefully constructed collages, depicting recent field trips, or history lessons…  In turn, I’ve tried through the years and the miles, not to simply “mass mail” my classes, but to write individual letters to each one of “my  children” from time to time.

My career in trucking took a drastic turn three or so years ago, and I’m not able to visit my children in Alameda as in the past.  Yet, we still write.  I continue to communicate with teachers and staff and I’ve inherited a few new groups of children.  Children I’ve not met face to face.  I have no idea what I may have contributed through the years, but I CAN attest to the positive effects this association has had on me!  For the driver willing to take the time and make the commitment, the Trucker Buddy program can be as rewarding for you as it is for the children.

The prints (including the blue Kenworth), stamps & cards can be viewed and purchased through the gallery, by simply clicking on them!  Thank you everyone!

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