City Artery

I wrote this piece as I was preparing to be out of commission after shoulder surgery.  That plan went out the window, and I am now recovering from a “minor” heart operation.  The shoulder will have to wait at least three months… Meanwhile, I didn’t want to “waste” the writing I’ve done!  I wanted the viewer AND the reader to understand “from whence it came” while obviously, the underlying goal is to market the art I’ve created.

My interest in drawing, painting and playing with various forms of “art” (see my art at this link) began at a very young age.  Photography was but one of the areas which intrigued me.

The first camera I owned was a Kodak Duaflex.  My new hobby was a “hand me down” which after some research, I discovered is worth around $5.00 today at the pawn shop if I could find one! It’s somewhere between a twin lens reflex and a box camera.  The top lens was just a viewer but the f8 lens actually did focus.  My Duaflex was equipped with 3 aperture choices, a focusing taking lens AND a double-exposure prevention button.  The camera fell into the ‘toy’ category, by virtue of its simplicity and overall cheapness. But in 1961 or 2 in my seven-year-old mind, it was me and Ansel Adams!  The camera made its way with me from Louisville Kentucky to Boys Town Nebraska in a musty smelling, tattered green suitcase, along with my other wordly belongings.

Artery printDuring my attempts for “special effects” I remember strapping my treasure to the handle bars of my bicycle and taping various items in front of the lense.  Even then, I recall the desire for my pictures to tell a story and my piles of photographs were separated by category. “I did this one at Gagels Farm…  I took this one at the park…” I separated my work in an effort to better communicate the message I was trying to convey.


THAT desire is still ingrained in me today.  To separate and explain.  Yet at the same time the ultimate goal is for the viewer to create their own story.  Their own interpretation of the piece.

I introduce you to a piece in the series “City” and the accompanying narration.  Artery was inspired by the hundreds of trips into places like Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Portland.  Yet, the miles “through the woods” also contributed to the work.  You’re driving along in what people call “the middle of nowhere” when the landscape begins to change. 

We have come far, since the days of living in caves. Progress and development it is called… Concrete, asphalt, steel, and glass are all what make up the series, “City”.


City Skyline

Horizon A city is where they all come together. Grass gives way to rock and gravel, which transform into concrete and asphalt, which is adorned with glass and steel, creating an entirely new horizon…

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