March 10th, 2008

Has it really been that long ago?  I decided prior to entering the hospital for shoulder surgery that I would sort through the archives, allowing me to continue sharing during the early stages of recovery.  I attempted in late ’07 to heed others advice and begin a blog.  The  following is one of my first attempts.  My only thought?  “Has poor Anne been putting up with me for this long?”  As I read to the end of this ’08 post, I laughed to myself.  Annes’ phone still rings and she still answers!  She hasn’t moved AND has kept the same telephone number!    

This was written Monday, March 10, 2008

California Bridge Sunrise print

I am learning.  I am learning how “not so smart” I am. With blogs, and e-mails, and instant messages, and forwards, and gigs, and bytes and uploads and TIFFS and JPEGS.  It’s all rather overwhelming.  I know how my grandparents felt, the first time they tried to program the VCR I gave them for Christmas one year! I don’t know if Grandma ever forgave me!

Firefighter love stamp ... for the bride and groom stamp

I just got off of the telephone with Anne.  She has again come to my rescue. I should elaborate…  I have been “creating” art for a few years. I did it to relax. I designed to let my brain go to other places. I expected comments from friends, which I eventually received.  You know the kind?  Like when you buy a new shirt.  The “Oh, that’s nice…” kinds of comments. But, when strangers started to take notice and request, “Hey, could you do one of those for my living room? Only bigger?”  Then of course I was ready to quit my day job and call myself an “Artist”. The work I create could be considered rustic, rural, unique. I let others label and judge…

Rotary Garden stamp

 I’m glad I didn’t quit the day job but I did heed the advice of people and sought out someone to help me create a web site to advertise my work. After all, I am not close friends, not even acquainted with anyone willing to display my work.   Local or otherwise.  My sister who lives in Kansas City offered up an introduction to Anne.  “She’s done some cool stuff on the internet…” my sister stated.  That was enough for me.   

computer crossing (xing) sign photosculpture

“First I must have copies of your art to put on your web site” Anne explained. I followed her instructions and tried e-mailing photographs of the work from years past. I tried burning CD’s and sending them. I even made a trip to Kansas City to hand deliver some of the invaluable CD’s. Sometimes  the exchange worked. Sometimes it didn’t. I believe it took us four or five months (I’m not exaggerating!!) to overcome the problem of getting the art to her. There was the issue of the narratives.  I normally write a “story” with each piece. I’d send the writings in an e-mail.  Anne would post them. Then a day or two later, she’d get a call from me. “Can’t you move that last sentence over just a tad?” Or, “Why is that word misspelled?” Anne explained that she was posting my narratives in the exact manner and format in which she was receiving them. What is that they say? “Garbage in. Garbage out.”

Purple card

Thankfully, Anne has the patience of Job. I’m sure she realized early on that she wasn’t dealing with the sharpest pencil in the drawer.  When it came to my knowledge of websites and transfers and file sizes and all of that, I was lost… I just wanted to be able to create, and hope people liked some of it enough to buy it!  The website; was up and running!  I had my own website!  How exciting!

Fireman Tribute stamp

Here we are, nearly a year later.  Todays telephone call?  Yet another request for Anne. “Hey Anne? This is Dennis.” I  imagined her holding her breath and rolling her eyes.  “Hey, I started this thing… A blog? You know what they are, right?  Blogs? Well, I’m having this problem. I thought I could do this myself. But it says I have to edit my page and update my profile and upload a picture and make a link and…” I could hear a certain “sigh” on the other end of the phone…. An hour or so later, with Annes help, here I am! The “Rural Artist, living in Omaha.”  Hoping he can generate enough interest in his art to invest in that motor home he’s always dreamt of so he can go back to traveling and create more art.   Here I am writing about it on the Internet! As dear’ole Grandma used to say, “Who woulda’ thunk it?”  She’d be proud!

Thank you Anne for your patience and your expertise. I know in this writing, I cannot give enough credit to you for all that you’ve done for me. But look at me!!! I’m blogging!  I’m blogging!  I’m getting smarter with every telephone call!!!

Jackies Poem stamp
Jackies Poem by dbuckman

Thank you everyone, for enduring as I travel the road to recovery!

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2 Responses to March 10th, 2008

  1. Jacqueline Carpenter says:

    wonderful..I adored this..


  2. Dennis – this blog entry was wonderful!! Sorry for the delay in responding but I had to re-read it a few times. Keep smilin – we’ll get there!! Anne


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