Forwards, Men Rules And Weddings

In previous posts, I voiced my opinion of and my desire FOR the hand written letter. The blog resulted in several surprises.  A few Alumni of Boys Town invested in the  Alumni postage stamp I designed.  I assume they intend to incorporate their purchase to reconnect with friends of the past (that AND help me earn an income).  I received notes via snail mail from several  friends!   Even the assistant manager of my local bank sent me a hand-written get-well note following publication of “Snail Mail & Boys Town“.

Beautiful bouquet of old fashioned love stampThe reality of life is, communications via e-mail, texting and “forwards” are here to stay. Pet peeves of mine are forwards which the sender mass mails everyone on their mailing list without explanation or thought to the person they’re mailing.  When I receive a forward, rarely is there a note attached.  Nothing that says, “Hey!  You might like this!” Or, “Here is something you should read.”   One  particular forward prompted this writing.  It was titled “New Men Rules” or something to that effect.  And it DID come with a note from the sender, saying in part, “This is YOU!”  I took the time to read in detail, laughing to myself as I thought, “SHE is right on!  This IS me!”  This writing addresses one rule in particular. 

The rule stated;  “…ALL men see in  only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit,  not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. Men have no idea what mauve is…”  I laughed.  Without formal training in my artistic pursuits, my brain tells me as I create, “This could use some more blue” or “I need to add a little red to that area…”  However, in my association with Anne at PerfectPostage and reading up on wedding planning, I am learning.  Brides do not want Purple.  They want Violet or Squash or Fuchsia.  I have been researching the colors being chosen for weddings in 2011… 

Metallic Purple & Gold DIY Wedding Invitation invitation

I’ve learned brides are planning with gray and lime-green, tan and bright-coral.  They are combining hot pink, salmon and turquoise.  New terms introduced to me recently; blue hues and palettes.   Brides are blending blue-greens, violets and even grays. For communicating a bright and festive  wedding, choices containing (here we go!) fuchsia, apple green, watermelon (in MY world, watermelon is a food) and orange (THAT is a color AND a food) are  being incorporated.  Earthy tones are replacing typical wedding pastels (I cannot believe I am using the term pastels) this season.  Cotton candy pink or baby blue have become trendy.  Other popular colors are champagne, egg-plant, melon and sage.  I was told in the note accompanying the forward of the “Men Rules” that I am going to have to start hanging out in the paint department at the lumber yard studying palettes instead of drooling over new power tools and lawn care equipment.  Forget the new cordless drill, I’ll be studying floral designs!

Royal stamp

I can’t speak for ALL men when it comes to planning a wedding.  I think ANY color would probably do.  For now, as long as  the choices fell into the 16 color category and if I were considered as a  potential husband,  I could/might actually relate and contribute  my opinion to the event.  

I am getting a late start promoting products for the weddings of 2011.  Heck, the “Royals” have taken as much time planning their union as I do putting together a grocery list!  That being said, if you or someone you know is planning a wedding, I would recommend  clicking on the invitations and postage I’ve included with this writing.  These artists and designers are extremely proficient at coordinating and helping to organize your wedding plans.  My friend Ann has even been featured in “Your Wedding Day” magazine… Pallets, pastels and fancy colors included!

Elegant orchid stampMy Art Hosts at Zazzle have announced a 10% Off Sale on ALL wedding orders!  The procedure is simple!  A 10% discount will be deducted from the net sale price when one or more products are purchased and the coupon code CUSTMWEDDING is applied at checkout. The great thing?  This offer is valid through September 30th, 2011 at 11:59 PM PT. therefore, you have time to browse, shop and plan ahead for your wedding essentials!

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