Sharing Flowers

It did not take long for me to understand the cliché repeated by my Grandmother through the years; “Don’t put flowers on my grave.  Give them to me while I am able to enjoy them.”  Loosely translated…  Well, you and I both know what she meant!

  For many, Easter brings memories of church services, egg decorating,  colorful baskets, chocolate bunnies and family dinners.  Personally, the season evokes my excitement of the proliferation of flowers.  Especially the Easter Lilly.  I believe all flowers embody joy, hope and life.  The Easter Lilly serves as a beautiful reminder that spring is time for rejoicing and celebrating. 

Accepted as a symbol of purity, virtue, innocence and grace, this trumpet-shaped flower is a glorious reminder of the beauty of living.   Soon the Easter Lilly will adorn countless homes and churches.  They will appear in the markets, the grocery stores and floral shops.  When you’re planing the Easter baskets for your family, don’t stop with decorated eggs, marshmellow peeps, jelly beans or chocolate rabbits….

  ….Communicate with someone dear to you.  Think of the individuals who have touched your life.  Share a few flowers while they are able to enjoy them.  Give the flowers to those you love, while they’re able to enjoy them….

These high-quality cards are available for purchase simply by “clicking” on them!  There are always discounts for “bulk” orders.  Feel free to mix and match!

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