The Sweet 16 And The Telephone

Having other commitments to my blog AND with the weather cooperating, I decided given the season, to re-post this previous writing….

star celebration abstract hi tops kedsshoe
star celebration abstract hi tops

Have YOUR predictions for the “Sweet 16” come true, or was “your team” eliminated in the early going?  Though I left Kentucky at an early age, my heart still yearns for the success of the University of Louisville and the University of Kentucky.  While in Louisville, I often hid my transistor radio under the pillow at bed time, so that I could listen to the games.  THIS season, only half of my home teams have survived!

  Basketball shoes Greeting Cards card
Basketball shoes Greeting Cards

I shamefully confess, I am not a die-hard fan.  I fall in the category of  the fair weather followers of college basketball.  There are certain coaches and players I have admired throughout the years.  I’ve even purchased some of their books!  When the teams do well, I cheer them on.  When they are eliminated, my allegiance moves on to the next in line.  To me the playoffs have simply been an excuse to get together with friends for a lot of friendly prodding!

Basketballs Stamps stamp
Basketballs Stamps

As the brackets dwindle the communications between cousin Greg (in Louisville) and I increase.  The failure or success of our chosen teams is at the forefront.  Over the telephone, we laugh and tease each other about our amateur predictions.  The reality is, the outcome of the games leading up to the National Championship have no bearing on whether or not the sun comes up tomorrow. For Greg and I, the competition has always represented another reason to pick up the telephone.

LOST - Golf Ball print
LOST – Golf Ball

Another reason to get together.  Another reason to talk.  We laughed yesterday that as the basketball season ends we will be wearing out golf or run the subject of baseball into the ground as our excuse to visit!  And of course, Auto Racing is full swing…  That’s the way it’s been for years.

Indy Driver print
Indy Driver

The thing I have always enjoyed about sports, ANY sport, is that they bring people together.  If you aren’t in the stands attending the event in person, perhaps you’re at the local sports bar enjoying the game with a group of friends.  Rather stay home to take advantage of that new flat screen you bought?  Give a thought to placing a call to that high school or college friend you haven’t seen for years.  The cousin you grew up with.

I am scheduled to have shoulder surgery on Friday.  I anticipate being home by the time Ohio State & Kentucky take the floor.  Regardless, I know my phone will be ringing Friday night with Greg on the other end.  We will talk about the outcome of the game, and the brackets for the Final Four.   Off the cuff he’ll ask, “How was your operation?”  Our way of saying, we care…   

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