Snail Mail & Boys Town Part 2

 As students are accepted to Boys Town, there isn’t any way of knowing how many life-long relationships take root.  I’ve come to appreciate them all. I plan to share some of these experiences in future writings.  Once I completed Orientation, I realized MY residency in the Home was not a temporary arrangement.  I was not aware at the time, just how many of the young men I grew up with would become permanent “brothers”.  I could not have foreseen hunderds of adopted “sisters” either!  One thing is certain, as Alumni we are members of an exclusive club! One of the worlds largest families.

Family Alumni stampThrown together from every corner of the globe, from every imaginable socio-economic background, I came to smile at new arrivals who proclaimed, “I’ll be outta here in no time…”. They didn’t realize they were embarking on a journey of lifelong friendships.  That one day they would proudly exclaim in unison, “We went to Boys Town!” It was not a secret that each of us yearned for “normalcy” in our lives.  However, the reality was, as many letters to “the outs” we turned in on Sunday afternoon, Boys Town had become our home.Family Alumni stamp 

My Boys Town diploma, stored in a frame in my studio  is older than I care to admit. Actually that piece of paper is even older than many of the Alumni I communicate with today!  I stay in touch with a number of graduates, teachers and counselors from my era as well. I confess the electronic age, e-mail, texting and other social networks has required less effort than the longhand letters we used to write.  These modern means of communication has allowed me to be introduced to Alumni I may not have otherwise met.  New friends, brothers and sisters to who I am deeply attatched!    

Call me old fashioned, or maybe it’s just one of those ingrained routines.  Though I appreciate the e-mails, the Facebook messages and such, I STILL prefer a hand written letter once in awhile!  And so, I sought out approval for this stamp.  To remind you guys (and gals) to sit down and write a real letter once in awhile!

  I received approval for this to be incorporated on a First Class Stamp!  Hoping all of my fellow Alumni enjoy it…

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8 Responses to Snail Mail & Boys Town Part 2

  1. Michelle Parmer says:

    LOVE IT! Beautiful and yes I to love a hand written letter, thats how I talk to Father Peter at BT! Plus a few family and friends! This is to cool thank you for sharing it with me!


  2. Chico Caldera 69 says:

    Dude that is very cool………….thanks


  3. Kevin Endres, '80 says:

    Didn’t know you had it in you…..glad you let it out every-so-often. Beautifully said brother.


  4. Larry J. McNair says:

    This is really cool! Something we as brothers and sisters can identify with.


  5. Dennis,
    This is truly outstanding…..I read part I and couldn’t wait for part II to be released. Now I am so much anticipating Part III.

    Carl Hegerty ’70
    BTNAA Director Region 6


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  7. Carol Trevino says:

    Dennis this is super, and so much from the heart.


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