I Have Spring Fever

I’ve been fortunate to avoid serious “winter blues” this year. I was far too occupied, doing battle with the ice and snow along the I-80, I-76 corridor. The grueling winter between Omaha and Denver has been no better or worse than years prior. In fact, other than several major, memorable vehicle pile ups, it has been just another typical Midwestern winter. AND, I”ve been one of the lucky ones NOT been afflicted with the flu, a winter cold, or even a runny nose!

"I Am..."  Yellow Buttercup Greeting Card

The illness I AM recently afflicted with however, is know by all, as “Spring Fever”! It is a condition that affects anyone who lives where there are cold, hard winters. Contrary to popular belief, Spring Fever was not named for the behavior of college students between semesters. It WAS named for those of us, anxious to get out in our yards, gardens or even the local park. The illness acts physically upon the young and the old. Spring Fever afflicts the joggers, bicycilists, gardeners, office workers, artists, and yes, even the over the road trucker! Spring Fever affects everyone.

Ironically, my set of pending “blues” stems not from the previous sub-zero temperatures or knee deep snow, but the fact that in a few days, I’ll be “imobilized” at the peak of this years’ Spring. While friends and neighbors will be involved in the annual rite of early spring/late winter clean-up, my shoulder surgery is scheduled for the 25th of March. In Omaha, it’s not bare feet and tee-shirt weather yet, however the foot of snow in my back yard is gone, revealing ugly brown grass. I’m thinking spring cleanup is going to amount to a lot of work.

I keep telling myself, the upcoming surgery will be a good thing. I will no longer suffer from extreme shooting pains, every time I move my right arm. I may be able to grasp a coffee cup without my hand unexpectedly going numb. I will have a great deal of recovery time, to attend to my art, and this new thing (to me) called blogging. Yes, like everyone else, I have Spring Fever. But, the yard will have to wait! If you are suffering from this same, contagious disease called “Spring Fever”, perhaps if you click on the enclosed greeting card, it will contribute to the cure! Thank you all, for stopping by!

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