Reflected Street Lights

Rainy Night Sidewalk

Stop. Go. Walk. Don’t Walk. When glancing down into a puddle on the sidewalk, waiting for the light to change, I was amazed at how it all works together.

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1 Response to Reflected Street Lights

  1. Roxane Byrd says:

    Boy! You have some real coooool art….Maybe create some art pics of crystals which reflect something similar to the Northern Lights. I have a friend here in Omaha that has larger crystals placed on a rotating mirrored stand and he tells me that it looks like the Northern Lights in certain positions. I really like the desert one as that reminds me of the work I do with crystal healing. The design is similar to the vibrational frequencies I tap into each crystal I hold. Just like radio waves. It’s all odd to some when I explain it. In any case, I may buy some of your art. I support those who have an internet business and trying to make it out here. If I may ask, do you feel the same now as you did prior to medical issue that caused all those surgeries? Let’s keep in touch….Blessings Roxane


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